Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Flush the teacher - An Amazing, fun game to release your anger

Everyone’s fantasy to punish their teachers and bring absolute destruction on them is finally turning real with an amazing, fun game, Flush the teacher. The game has hit the app store which lets every kid, and even adult to let out their anger on nasty teachers without actually physically hurting them. It’s fun, entertaining and let me add, extremely satisfying to flush down all the boring and nasty teachers  through the school sewerage system.

The gameplay is an absolute cracker. A single shot from the catapult will let the projectile flying across the classroom hitting the teachers resulting in shrieking pain from the teachers. The players will have the greatest fun of their life by punishing their nasty teachers. Players will require skills and expertise to aim the catapult at the teacher without getting caught .More powerful the aim more will be the grief level of your teachers. The teachers shall always be on the prowl, to catch your clever pranks so players will have to take utmost care that the alert level of teacher stays as minimum as possible or let me tell you will suffer great aftereffects.

The artwork is absolutely creative with all the wacky animations and comical teachers. The classrooms featuring 12 different faculties have been designed with unique artwork for each of the faculty. It remains true to its theme while depicting the spirit of that particular faculty. For example, the science faculty is creatively designed like a comical science lab with test tubes, beakers and colorful chemicals to invoke fun and laughter from the players.

The teachers are projected as your starch enemies, and are designed to provoke instant anger from you. The teachers are illustrated portraying extreme contempt, hate and a permanent scowl on their face just like your everyday hateful teacher. Different teachers are designed for presenting each faculty like the math teacher, science teacher, gym teacher, and several more so that you can get even with every teacher that has mentally tortured you for years.

The gameplay becomes more lively and funny with its extremely humorous and amusing sound score.  The constant gibbering of teachers, their painful shriek and the humorous sound of teacher flushing down the sewerage system is impeccably rendered with the awesome sound design. The oh-so-familiar sounds perfectly give the experience of the craziness of our school classroom.

The gameplay is highly amusing, but it also requires skills from the player to defeat the teachers in their own classroom. As the player moves forward to defeating each faculty, the levels will become more challenging and difficult. The players will face the ultimate showdown in the deputy principal and the principal levels, where they will face the tough competition of taking down the principals in their own turf.  Players will have arsenal of ingenious weapons like paint balls, canvas, bones, baguette, basketball bat microphone, pots and pans, knives and several more to punish their boring teachers. Each faculty will have its own set of weapons to bring grief to the hateful teacher. The more faculties the players defeat more will be the ammunition available to the players. This amazing, fun game brings out a sense of mischief and playfulness among us. It is extremely hilarious to laugh at their expense and see the boring teacher flush down the school sewerage system.

I hate my teacher, do you?

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