Thursday, 23 January 2014

6 funny ways to punish your teacher

“Tell your Mom to meet me in my office tomorrow, and you better be ready with a good explanation”. Sounds familiar,right? The picture of your bossy teacher tormenting you must have flashed your mind.At times, such behavior makes us angry and sometimes makes us just laugh our stomach out. The attitude of these hateful teachers asks for some real action from us. Annoying your teacher is not so good, but well, we can’t help it if some of these teachers really irritate us. So below are some funny pranks which will help you, to punish your teacher without receiving much flak.

1) Ask relentless questions
Asking questions have never been a problem. Actually most of the time your teacher encourages you to ask as many questions as you want. So frustrate your bossy teacher by firing them with loads of nonsensical questions! Try to ask you math teacher to explain you the solution for the tenth time and see their frustration!

2) Read in differently pitched voice
Whenever your teacher asks to read something, start with a very quiet voice. Now as you go on reading more, start increasing your pitch gradually till the point you are screaming in the class.And just when the teacher’s is going to explode with anger, start reading in obnoxiously quiet voice. This hilarious game definitely annoys yours bossy teacher.

3) Laugh real loud
Okay we all know that often teachers crack a joke or tell us a funny story. Now it does not matter, whether you find that joke the lamest joke of the year, laugh your head off. Like really really loud, to the point that your teacher actually gets baffled. Everyone will start giggling, and you can innocently tell your teacher that you have a natural loud laugh.

4) Give really long explanations
When the teacher asks you any question, don’t answer straight away. Make  your answer as long as possible,  does not matter , if you are straying away from the point .Make it as boring  and long you can, and yeah you would definitely succeed to punish you teacher for boring you.

5) Raise your hand and when your teacher calls you, say ‘sorry you don’t know’
This one is totally irritating, because the teacher can’t really scold you for trying to answer the question. Try this couple of times a day, and see how annoy the teacher gets at you.

6) Play a hilarious mobile game, Flush the teacher
If you are tired of your hateful teacher, but don’t want to commit to any real prank, play the extremely hilarious game, Flush the Teacher on your iPhone. The game is super funny and gives the perfect outlet to vent out your frustrations. The entertaining game play allows hurling crafty things at the teacher when they are not looking at you.It’s super sneaky and adventurous. The best part of the game is when you aggravate the grief levels of the teacher to a point; you get them to flush them down the school sewerage drain. Now that is what I call extreme punishment. We even get to defeat the principals, which is the secret ambition of every student.

So next time, when you want to tease your hateful teacher, try any of these pranks, or just play “Flush the Teacher”whenever you get the chance.

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