Friday, 17 January 2014

Punish your teacher with Flush the teacher

It is time to punish your annoying teacher for all the tyranny they have caused you. This amazing, fun game, Flush the teacher gives you a chance to payback your bossy teacher with an astounding game-play and fun animations.

The game is set in the familiar atmosphere of a classroom with the teacher shouting and screaming on the top of their heads. The constant gibbering of teacher brings an instant anger from us .The game provides a perfect outlet to bring out all our frustrations and anger over our bossy and annoying teachers by flushing them down the sewerage system for once and ever.

The goal of the game is flush the teachers down the school sewerage system  to receive accolades of your fellow friends and classmates. The comical game-play provides a catapult to us to sling shot all the crafty items at our teachers and make them cry with intense pain. The more pain you give to your teachers, higher will be the teacher’s grieflevels.We should not forget that teachers are on constant prowl, to catch our smarty pranks, so utmost care has to be taken so that they don’t catch us while we are mercilessly hurling objects on them.

If teacher alert levels rise, we will not get a chance to take a perfect aim and flush them down the drain. The game asks for the perfect balance between the teacher’s alert level and grief levels to make them shudder with pain and bring a paramount embarrassment when we ultimately succeed in throwing them in the sewerage system.

The game possesses quirky animations and visual effects to provide a full on entertainment to us.The beautifully designed graphics provide a perfect backdrop to play this highly amusing, fun game. Punishing your teacher has never been so much fun.

The game comes with 38 challenging levels. Flush the teacher is easy to learn but difficult to master .The levels challenge us to beat the 12 different faculties and Deputy Principals and mega bosses. As the level increases, the difficulty level of each classroom also increases. But not to worry, beating the levels will also unlock ahost of crafty weapons to beat the fiery principals. 

The game entire story is conveyed with brilliant sound score which is both comical and whimsical. Each and every movement of the teachers and our pranksis supported with rib-tickling sounds and funny voiceovers.

The artwork of the game is artistically done to enhance the comical theme of the game.Each of the classrooms is designed with meticulous details to further augment the game experience. The whimsy of the art class is exquisitelyillustrated with random paintings and a lot of colors. The sport room takes the form of a basketball court, where we ruthlessly hit our sports coach. The zany artwork truly makes this game amarvelous fun, school game.

Flush the teacher has a whole arsenal of crafty weapons to inflict pain and punish our bossy teachers. The weapons also follow the comical theme of theme and provide us a great selection of crafty classroom items to hurl on them. Each classroom is equipped with weapons keeping in tune with the theme of a particular classroom. The Mathclass hascalculators and textbooks, art class has paintbottles and canvases, and History class has bones and pyramids while the sport class has tennis balls, baseball bat and many more.

Flush the Teaches is truly and amazing, fun school game to unleash our anger on the annoying teachers. It is one of those games which encourage us to relax, sit back and enjoy the madness.

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