Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Flush the Teacher – An Entertaining Teacher and Student Encounter

Flush the Teacher game app presents a whole new way to get revenge on school teachers. It is a teacher humor filled with pranks giving you the opportunity to react to the drilling sessions, boring and bossy teachers. This game will make you forget that teachers are your future’s architect who rewards you with quality skills and high morals. Instead, it will arm you with different weapons to aim at teachers and disturb their presence in the classroom. This game is for troubled students who want to hit back at teachers in a light-hearted manner. Flush the Teacher is cartoonish; light-hearted and a whimsical based on stealth and strategy.

An Overview of the classroom adventure

Imagine you as a troubled kid during school days irritated with domineering teachers, boring sessions and egotistical behavior. You find ways to fight back, but there is nothing you can do to avoid such situations. To precisely serve the purpose of taking revenge on school teachers, Flush the Teacher game has been developed. The game is promising with a lot of classroom fun, hilarious pranks, entertaining teacher and student encounters.

As a player, you will be armed with a wide range of tools depending on the subject teacher. There are unique teachers for different subjects. The level and the game will progress if you are able to create extreme chaos in the classroom. There are more than 30 levels and 12 faculties. In addition, there are head teacher boss levels, deputy principal, principal and mega boss level.

Your weapon store

Your arsenal will consist of diverse projectiles that can be launched using a weakly built catapult. If you successfully defeat the teacher, you will be rewarded with additional weapons that can cause massive damage. They can be targeted without using the catapult, but their quantity will be limited.

Each weapon in your arsenal has a respective effect and risk. The default weapon possession with you would be pens, pencils, hacky sacks, etc. Other ammo would vary according to the session and teacher. For example – math’s items would include calculator, textbook, etc. English faculty items would include thick novel, video tapes, VCR, etc.

Graphics and sound

Flush the Teacher graphics and sound are precisely crafted to give you a realistic game playing experience. Graphics sincerely remind school days and the fun during those days.

In addition, sound like projectile impact, toilet flushing, classroom chatter, teacher’s exclamation, teacher rambling, student laughing, etc, creates a typical classroom setting.

Flush the Teacher is a hilarious classroom fun. If you are frustrated or annoyed with your teachers, download Flush the Teacher and fight back at teachers with light-hearted pranks. Download Flush the Teacher and annoy teachers with comical pranks.  

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