Friday, 27 December 2013

It is payback time with Flush the teacher!

Are you ready to enjoy the funniest game till date? Are you ready to get even with your teacher? Vent out your anger and frustrations on your horrible teacher in this hilarious time killing game, Flush the teacher.

The gameplay is highly entertaining with its interesting storyline and eccentric animations. We get to defeat the teacher, hurl objects on them and bring paramount embarrassment to them by flushing them down the school drain.

We get a host of quirky school items to flung on the teachers and inflict them with great pain. The shrieks and screams of the teachers are truly amusing to hear. Varied weapons like paint balls, pencils, textbooks, javelins, test tubes, hammer, grater and many are provided to us to slingshot from our catapults. We can unlock a host of other crafty weapons as and when we defeat each faculty. More faculties we defeat, the more weapons we can unlock to attack the horrible teachers. Take charge of your weapons and get even with your teacher.

We have to use our skills and expertise to choose our weapons correctly to defeat the teachers.The heavy weapons wreak bigger damage to our teachers, enhancing their grief levels. The grief levels of the teachers needs to cross the defined levels so we can flush them down and complete the level.We need to select our weapons prudently; the heavier weapons will create more disturbance in the class, causing an instant rise in the alert level of our teacher.The grief and alert levels of the teacher need to be balanced perfectly to wreck enough havoc to defeat the teachers.

The game features 38challenging levels with different faculty for us to defeat our horrible teachers. Each classroom is designed artistically with minute details.The gym class is designed with a basketball court, a comical lab for science faculty, a stage for the drama class, and a full fledge working kitchen for the home science class are created to give the look and feel of the real classrooms. This attention to the details brings out the creativity of the game, enhancing our game experience.Moreover, this same attention is rendered in the sound design department with its energetic and amusing sound score.

The game has created a niche for itself in the animation department with its playful and zesty animations of the screaming teachers. The teachers have been designed aptly showing hatred and loathing, invoking us to give us our best shot and flush them down the sewerage system.

This time killing game is surely packed up with loads of fun and humor, all ready to tickle our funny bone. Are you ready to take down your screamingteachers

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