Friday, 27 December 2013

Flush the teacher- a perfect game to dish out your anger

Do you feel unrelenting anger against your teacher? Do you feel you have unfinished business against your teacher? Flush the teacher is a perfect game for everyone out there who wants to punish their teacher for all the tyranny they cause you in the classroom!It is an extremely hilarious game to vent out every littlegripeyou have against your bossy teacher.

The gameplay is extremely engaging and entertaining. The game starts with the familiar classroom atmosphere where your teacher comes and starts babbling over your head. However, unlike in real life, you can release your frustrations by choosing the projectiles available in your classroom to slingshot at your teacher.Defeat the teachers and feel the ultimate thrill of punishing your teacher when you flush them down the sewerage system.It is a payback timefor the snarky teachers.

The unique gameplay offers great amusement to the player. The gameplay is simple to understand, but it is a challenge to master it completely. Players will have 38 unique levels and a vast array of projectiles to slingshot at their bossy and annoying teachers. Players will load the unique projectiles on their catapults and hurl them across the classroom, aiming them at the teachers. Each slingshot will bring extreme grief to the bossy teacher, making them cry with pain. It brings great joy to the players to punish their annoying teachers with such satisfaction. But, the players will have to take care to hit the teachers while they are not facing the classroom or their alert levels will rise making the players lose the game.

The unique gameplay challenges the player to balance the grief and alert levels of the teachers, making sure that the alert levels of the teachers never cross the defined limit. Players will have to cleverly use their arsenal of classroom weapons toinflict extreme grief to the annoying teacher without increasing thealert levels of hateful teachers.These secretive attacks on the teachers bring a sense of mischief among us and wakes up the naughty person who lives in every one of us.

The arsenal of weapons available to the players will change in each faculty, to make the gameplay interesting and fun. These fun classroom items will make the players remember their old classroom and will deliver extremedelight to the players to hurl them at their hateful teachers. The game features crazy crafty projectiles likecalculator, pencil case, video tapes, paint bottles, bones, globes, chopsticks, tennis ball, basketball, test tubes, acid, mask and several more carefully selected to suit each faculty. The players can unlock a host of projectiles as and when they defeat the faculty.

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